Walrus Oil - 2oz

Walrus Oil - 2oz

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Walrus Cutting Board Oil is 100% Food-Safe and free of toxins and synthetics, designed for new builds or for reconditioning. And finally a heavy-duty cutting board oil that doesn't require multiple coats! It will leave your board with a silky smooth finish, rich color, and a little shine. The perfect ratio of ingredients locks in the natural wood tones while repelling water and food particles when in use. And it only takes seconds to apply.
• Semi-Gloss Finish
• For New or Restoration Projects
• Not Scented

This bottle is perfect to order with your charcuterie board - enough to last you years! We recommend applying this oil on your board every few uses, to keep the shine and add additional seal to the board.

Safe for Food-Contact Surfaces
Every product manufactured by Walrus Oil is 100% Food-Safe. All ingredients are considered GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA for food-contact surfaces. Our Cutting Board Oil can be used on kitchen butcher block counters, cutting boards, wood utensils, and even baby toys.

1. Clean
Throughly clean cutting board with lukewarm water and soap, then give it plenty of time to dry.
2. Sand
Sand cutting board to a smooth surface. An electrical orbit sander is best but using sand paper by hand will also work.
3. Oil and Wax
After sanding, apply a thin layer of Walrus Oil ® Cutting Board Oil. Follow instructions on bottle. For more water protection and shine, also apply a layer of Walrus Wood® Wax after oil has dried.
4. Dry
After wood finishes have dried, wipe away excess residue. Your cutting board is now ready to use again. To prolong the life of the wood finish, only clean with lukewarm or cold water and never wash in a dishwasher.