About Us

Our Story 

Rossi’s Wood is run by Tony Rossi, his wife and kids. At the shop nothing comes from a forest. Using exclusively reclaimed wood, the once discarded is transformed into the beloved. At Rossi’s Wood Everything is handcrafted to stand the test of time and become a part of your home.

Meet Tony 

Tony grew up in Markham, Ontario. He began woodworking as a teenager under the tutelage of his father, Frank Rossi, a master wood craftsman. As time passed his hobby developed into a skill and it became obvious to him that this Father’s passion for craftsmanship was passed down to him. 

Some years later, Tony moved to Detroit, Michigan to work with his uncle making custom cabinetry. With a drive to work with his hands and refined carpentry capabilities Tony’s future was in woodworking.

Nearly 3 decades ago Tony got his first carpentry business off the ground. Buying an old bus, Tony gutted the vehicle and built a custom interior. He quickly became well known for building exquisite coach bus interiors and was contracted to build interiors for limousines all over Canada. And he hasn’t stopped. 

Tony's skills have only gotten sharper. For his newest project, Rossi’s Wood, everything is designed and built to last a lifetime; there are no extra chemicals added and Tony continues to work with his hands, limiting the use of machinery whenever possible. Tony forms each piece with his hands and heart, meticulously and without compromise giving each finished product a distinct flavour.


Our Environmental Commitment

As the world deals with the ever constant pace of climate change it is the tree that could hold, at least in part, an answer. Forests cover nearly a third of the world's total land area but that number has been declining steadily since the mid 1990’s.

Wooded areas are important to fight climate change as they trap emitted greenhouse gases and protect biodiversity. At Rossi’s Wood anti deforestation is our business model. Not a single piece of wood in the shop came directly from a tree that was felled by human hands. We use responsible arborists who ensure the wood is coming from a reclaimed source, we want to keep the trees the way that they are.

You can feel good about purchasing a handmade wood product here knowing you are not contributing to deforestation.